About Us

Located at 34 Nguyen Truong To- Ba Dinh- Hanoi – A city famous for
System of 3 & 4 star hotels. Come to  Golden River Restaurant
Customers will be surprised and delighted by the architectural style exudes old
glass, which stores Restaurants essence of the ancient Hanoi image but
not lack the elegance, comfort of modern style.
The first impression: it’s a yellow mansion with facades up to 15m,
5 floors, each floor of the restaurant is divided into two dining areas, with a capacity
up to 200 guests. The restaurant has a dedicated area for Group travel, destinations for
Own retail customers.
With a staff of enthusiastic, friendly and professional service style
We’re committed to ensuring our customers satisfaction and trustworthiness
Cordially invite you to the Golden River restaurant to feel the taste of
Hanoi real.